Western Gun Mug

western gun mug

Introducing The Western Gun Mug


What a cool western gun mug. Definitely suitable for those that love gun mugs or are old fashioned. When drinking from particularly this western mug it truly looks like you are holding a gun that is attached to a mug. Good gift idea for those that love the western life. The western life was mainly associated with the prospectors because it was at that time when gold rush has begun. Everyone set out to reach out for wealth in finding gold. It is said that 60% of all gold we have was found in that ear. So this western gun mug would also be pretty suitable for the current prospectors. Even though they may not have anything to do with the western culture, being a prospector is already having something to do with it.

Unfortunately this particular western mug isnt that popular, but im reviewing it because its pretty a unique mug. There aren’t that many around and at the same time this is amazons choice for western gifts. Therefore if you know anyone that likes the western era you need to get them one of these, it is limited addition and i hope they will make more as there is only 7 available currently and i do not plan removing this post. So hopefully if you are truly excited about this unique mug i hope you make it in time or that its still available! unfortunately there isn’t a video available about this product and only one picture so… This is the first post im making that has either 1 picture or no videos at all.


So How much is Western Gun Mug


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cool western gun mug

western gun mug


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