Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

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Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard


Introducing the Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard


Some may ask what is the Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard? Do you remember when we were promised all those amazing future tech innovations? Just around the corner they said. There was supposed to be city’s in the air with flying cars in it, space travel to neighboring planets and eternal youth. But first of all don’t lose hope yet! An amazing glimpse of this so called promised future has arrived with the Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard.

This tiny gadget device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface… You can then start typing away accompanied by awesome simulated key click sounds. It truly is futuristic tech at its best. You’ll be at the center of attention the moment you pull this baby out from your pocket and use it on your iPad, iPhone or laptop. With 63 keys and and a full size QWERTY layout the virtual Laser Projection Keyboard has the same capacity of that a normal one. All in a size a little larger gadget than a matchbook box.


Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard


Isn’t The Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard Really Cool?


If this virtual laser projection keyboard isn’t cool to you then i don’t know what is. The laser virtual keyboard looks like something that’s come straight out of the future. The keyboard laser can be connected to most bluetooth devices such as the iPhone, iPad and most of the modern laptops.

Just plug it in and and start typing away on your brand new laser keyboard. Not only does it look awesome but also allows you to type at same speed as a standard keyboard. This must have gadget comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that last about 2 hours 30 minutes. And of-course can be charged by any powered USB port. Just a little random fact for your information, its officially called the Magic Cube! I wonder why…

 So How Much is The Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard?


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