USB And Solar Chargeable Camping Tent Lantern

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The USB And Solar Chargeable Camping Tent Lantern


So as mentioned in the title, this led tent lights can be charged both by leaving it out in the sun and via USB port. Which is really great because most led camping lights can only do one or the other, not both! Due to solar charging not being a new technology we pretty much have the corner on the market. And by that, i mean that this outdoor solar lantern can be charged in the daylight pretty quickly, even in cloudy conditions. Not to mention it can also be used as usb rechargeable lantern, which is pretty cool.

The light on the camping lamp is brighter than expected. Due to its low cost and abilities which will be covered further on you wouldn’t expect such brightness aswell. So its bright, long lasting batteries, can be charged via USB or daylight, has 3 modes of light, what an awesome led camping lantern. You can also set how bright the rechargeable camping lantern work, and the bright is really really bright! Ofcourse for this price its not going to be the brightest led lantern but its more than expected.


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More Usage Than Just AS Outdoor Camping Lights 


Doesnt HAVE to be used just as outdoor camping lights, can also be used as solar powered garden lights. Just hang them all over your garden and let them light it up. Of course that would mean you have to manually turn them all on during the night/evening. And turn them off in the morning, but i don’t think that requires a lot of effort. It can be used as a normal LED torch also, or even in the house incase of emergency like problems with electricity. Since they are battery powered lanterns it becomes just as any battery powered torch. Just that this one has much more features including “solar powered lights” which you dont see too often.

This rechargeable led lantern is also very suited for hiking or any outdoor activity really. Since it can work as a torch and is very bright its perfect for night time activities. Just that its intended to be used as a tent light not something you would use to see something far away. Because its supposed to light up the tent, so its very bright but the range is also very small. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, there are all types of torches, those that project light into a concentrated area and something like this. That spreads out the outgoing lumen’s to light up a small area, something that a typical torch cant do.


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More Than Just Solar Powered Outdoor Camping Lights


As you should know already, yes its a battery operated lantern as also solar powered lantern. Which means that you can charge the battery during the day and use it during the night. There are not a lot of such cool gadgets out there, that are basically built two in one. The battery is 680 mAh which is fairly decent compared to some other batteries. It will last a long time on low brightness and ofcourse much less time on the brightest setting. Altought some would say that this is the best camping light i wouldnt agree. Maybe indeed it is the best for its price but cannot be the best as some have stated. But be honest what visuals go through your head when you hear a phrase such as backpacking lantern? Because lanterns USUALLY are based of of fire, glass, oil, and so on.

Outdoor solar lights as mentioned previously can be used for much more than just a tent light. Because of its shape and build it can be used for many things, even as solar patio lights or solar yard lights. Which is great if you ask me, the more an item can be used as, the better the item is. This led camping lantern is perfect in emergencies, since it has the S.O.S mode. Which can also be used as a simple flashing light, not necessarily in an emergency. But do take into consideration that someone might think you are in trouble once they see the SOS signal.





So How Much Is The USB And Solar Chargeable Camping Tent Lantern


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