USB Rechargeable AA Batteries


USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Introducing the USB Rechargeable AA Batteries


Who would have thought that you could have USB rechargeable AA batteries. Well on this day and age batteries is pretty much a common thing, we use it to power up so many things. So batteries in general is in a great demand these days. Non-rechargeable AA Cell batteries are useless once their output energy is used. Then you have to buy more batteries which will also run out sooner or later.

Also these batteries is a huge problem in the environmental views of the world. With some cell aa batteries the energy runs out even if you don’t use them! While USB rechargeable AA batteries can be used over and over again as there is no limit, which means no recycling! Also just think about the amount of money you can save, if you have a lot of items that use aa batteries you definitely need USB rechargeable AA batteries.


The Advantages of USB Rechargeable AA Batteries


USB rechargeable AA batteries have all the advantages that a normal rechargeable batteries have and even more. Which should give the brand USBCELL some exposure. One advantage of USB rechargeable AA batteries is that they can be charged via USB which means they don’t require any special charger. And we all have a USB port somewhere whether its a PC, laptop, direct fuse or even in the car! These USBCELL batteries can literally be charged hundreds of times, so you wont waste money and time going shop for some new AA batteries, but just one investment.


How to Charge These USB Rechargeable AA Batteries


To charge the USB rechargeable AA batteries all you have to do is shift the green lid to the side(it doesnt detach) and plug them into any powered USB port. Once its plugged into powered USB port it will take no more than 5 hours for them to be 100% charged. What is also great about the USBCELL brand’s USB rechargeable AA batteries dont need to be at 100% to be able to being used. They can charge for an hour and they are ready to use. You can basically charge them for as long as you want. 15 minutes is enough to make them work powerful enough to work.


USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Difference between NiMH and NiCad Batteries


USB rechargeable AA batteries are made out of nickel metal hydride, they are 1.2v that has 1300mah capacity. Take notice that Nickel Cadmium is other type of rechargeable batteries which is the most common. The performance of NiMH batteries such as USBCELL’s(brand) USB rechargeable AA batteries tend to be better. Why you may ask? Because they aren’t affected by memory issues which is caused by partial charging. Also unlike the Nickel-Cadmium batteries, NiMH batteries reach the maximum output capacity possible with each charge cycle. In other words they do not lose efficiency.

The biggest advatage of these USB rechargeable AA batteries is the easiness of use. Their main ability is to be charged via USB port, however they are designed to also be able to be charged by 250 MaH recharger. With plenty of advantages and even more than one method of charging these USB rechargeable AA batteries you should newer have a problem AA batteries.


So How Much Is The Rechargeable USB AA Batteries

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USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) with 2 in 1 Charging Cable

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