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Introducing Steampunk USB Memory Stick Flash Drive


If you are a fan of steampunk then you will surely love steampunk USB memory stick flash drive. Each memory stick flash drive is handmade in Latvia believe it or not, by SlavaTech. Its very detailed as intended to look as close as possibly as a steam punk item, its a master peace by the design of it. You’l be at the envy of all your steampunk enthusiasts as well as many antique radio fanatics!

One of the cool features of this memory stick flash drive is that a real radio tube was used to make it. These radio tubes are unique as they were made in the USSR around 1981. So all of the parts are authentic to that time and is no longer being created. The base of the steam punk memory stick flash drive is made from real copper and has been oxidized.

Oxidizing over time gives it a nice and awesome look to the classic of the steampunk genre, as expected. Inside of each radio tube there are still radio parts that could have helped a radio to function. USB memory stick  also lights up with a orange light that would make it more original to as thats what was used during that time period.


Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive


Steampunk USB Memory Stick Flash Drive Tech Features


While the look of the USB flash drive might be antique, it’s function as required is all very modern. Each Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive is equipped with a modern high-quality SanDisk flash drive. The sizes they are  available at is 8g, 16gb, 32gb, or 64 gigabytes of storage. so no matter of the looks  they deliver with the same efficiency as a normal modern USB flash drive.

The Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive can fit into any USB port whether it’s on your computer, Laptop or even a car. The USB flash drive also comes with a magnetic cover, which is also oxidized copper. The cover is to protect the USB adapter, BUT keep in mind the tube itself is made out of glass and can brake fairly easy.

All of your data is also not only completely secure but privatized too. As each drive comes with  secure SanDisk access software that is password protected. It also comes with online backup protection service which is operated through YuuWaa. You will be entitled for up to two gigabytes of online data storage. All you have to do is register your USB and SanDisk with them. Keep in mind that the USB drive password and online storage is completely optional.


Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive

So How Much Is The Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive?

8 GB – $39.00
16 GB – $45.00
32 GB – $55.00
64 GB – $69.00

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Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive


Same USB with green instead of yellow/orange, Same Prices

Steampunk USB memory stick flash drive


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