Starfrit Apple Peeler Core-Slicer

Starfrit Apple Peeler Core Slicer


Introducing Apple Peeler Core Slicer


If you love apples you need starfrit apple peeler core slicer, that is if you like peeled apples of course. It is a fact that you can peel an apple in just 5 seconds with the starfrit apple peeler corer slicer. Apples are definitely the most popular or to say basic fruit. In most of  Eastern Europe apple trees are a common thing, although oranges are as common as apple you wount find any orange trees up there.

This cool gadget would be ideal for those working in kitchen, or where ever there is a need of peeling a quantity of apples. Starfrit Apple peeler corer slicer is 100% mechanical and hands on tool, although there are electronic apple slicers what is 5 seconds to peel an apple? Of course if you only eat one apple a week then this apple peeler tool is really of no use to you. But if you have a lot of mouths to feed you can now add apples on the menu as you can prepare them very fast.

Starfrit Apple Peeler Core Slicer

More About Starfrit Apple Peeler Core Slicer


The apple peeler core slicer is originally called Startfrit 933013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer. Also you can peel just about anything that can be peeled and has the somewhat shape on an apple. Such as potatoes for example, maybe even a kiwi would work with the Starfrit apple peeler core slicer. Forget the mess, un-comfortability and the risk of cutting your finger while manually peeling apples.

Your kids can use this peeler slicer themselves, easy to use and safe as there are no exposed sharp edges. You would also save a lot of the fruit itselfs as in much less fruit wasted. Starfrit apple peeler core slicer cuts the minimal amount of your fruit along with the skin. Which is an awesome benefit, easy, cheap and a very efficient tool, dont miss out!


So How Much Is The Starfrit Apple Peeler Core Slicer?

1369 Customer Reviews | 48 Answered QuestionsStarfrit Apple Peeler Core Slicer

Starfrit Apple Peeler Core Slicer


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