Star Wars LED Lightsaber Umbrella

Star Wars LED Lightsaber Umbrella


Star Wars LED Lightsaber Umbrella


This is the first umbrella that got me in awe, i mean this lightsaber umbrella is simply awesome. Every kid that has grown in the star wars era would be dieing to get their hands on one of these star wars umbrella. Every day we get new model umbrellas BUT this is something different, just look at the picture above… How cool does this star wars lightsaber umbrella look? Imagine a kid seeing it, what would their reactions be? My guess they would have a dropped jaw. And of course their number 1 item to as either a birthday or Christmas gift.


This new model umbrella aka Star wars umbrella is not only the perfect gift for kids and star wars fan but also an attraction drawing gadget. Just as the picture above explains, imagine you seeing someone like that, he just totally stands out. So in essence not only will it draw attention towards you but will be a good conversation peace. So just be prepared for random strangers starting conversations with you. Only to later in conversation ask you about your awesome looking LED lightsaber umbrella.


Keep in mind that the umbrella lighstaber LED light is only that strong, or to say visible when there is little to no sunlight. Because of just the common sense and laws of physics that a stronger light will overcome a weaker. So the the best time for this lightsaber cool umbrella is preferably evening or night time, and ofcourse rainy weather. Believe me, rain and umbrella from star wars go along pretty well, the reflections from the LED light passes onto rain and it just look cool.


Umbrella Lightsaber LED


Info about the Star Wars LED Lightsaber Umbrella


The star wars umbrella is really easy to use, with a touch of a button it lights up and down meaning on and off. The umbrella light saber has 8 modes, which are 7 different colors and 8th is a flashing mode. The colors available is the most common colors, such as red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple and pink. At the bottom of the starwars lightsaber there is a light, so that you can see where you are going.


As you can see in the picture above, the lightsaber LED umbrella is carried over the shoulder like a ninja sword. It simply looks cool and much easier and comfortable to carry. The umbrella design is not only for the view of it, its also has a wind defying strong 8 ribs structure. Its not the first umbrella to be made and because its made in this era its pretty much cool tool.


The star wards umbrella or should i say LED lighsaber umbrella is ran on batteries of course. It only takes 3 AA batteries to make the lightsaber work the magic. This fantastic umbrella canopy is made from premium micro-weave 210T polyester fabric. Which is coated with Dupont Teflon Fabric Protectant for optimum water repellency. Which means the water wont sink through or stay on canopy itself, just shake the umbrella and rain will come off.


So How Much IS The Star Wars LED Lightsaber Umbrella?


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Star Wars LED Lightsaber Umbrella



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