Shelfpack Travel Suitcase With Shelves

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Shelfpack travel suitcase
Shelfpack Travel Suitcase With Shelves


Without the shelfpack travel suitcase when you pack for a trip on arrival you wonder, unpack or leave everything in the suit case? If your staying in a hotel you may be suspicious on who used the shelves or the wardrobe last? Im just saying that some people are very strict with being clean so you come up with questions. Questions like, id the cleaning staff go over it? Sometimes the cleaning staff don’t see a mess or dirtiness and they skip that area little area. Usually when you unpack everything you brought with you comes out wrinkled… It maybe has fallen on the floor a couple times or you have taken it in and out a couple times. With the selfpack suitcase for travel  you can end all the frustration caused by being difficult to be organized.


Shelfpack Travel Suitcase is Simply Smart While Being Stylish


The ShelfPack Travel Suitcase is designed to be clever, stylish and of-course useful. You simply pack the collapsible shelving system neatly to have the clothes wrinkle-free. If you are a somewhat weary traveler, who is very personal or private the shelfpack travel suitcase is perfect for you. Because upon arrival all you have to do is open your suitcase, pull up the shelves into a fixed position and your done.

Shelfpack travel suitcase also has 3 large front pocket compartments for lots of extra storage. While the four built-in shelves are not designed for hard material, as it wrinkles your clothing, shoes can perfectly fir into preferably the bottom shelf. Now you don’t have to repack anywhere, because the suitcase becomes like a shelf furniture on wheels. No more digging in and looking for something while only wrinkling your clothing. The shelfpack travel suitcase makes it easy to find what your looking for instantly because everything is neatly displayed.


Shelfpack travel suitcase


Selfpack Travel Suitcase is Innovative and Award Winning…


The last time the luggage sector saw any major innovation was in the 1980’s with the creation suitcase on wheels. But no so fast… the ShelfPack Travel Suitcase has arrived and it’s been called amazing, simplistic and ingenious. Dubbed with a portable suitcase closet, the ShelfPack is reinventing the way we all travel. This selfpack large suitcase with shelves is invented by Ken McKaba.

Ken McKaba is a software engineer from Santa Barbara, California, who came up with the idea. He used to travel on a regular and got fed up of digging up his luggage suitcase. He knew there must be a more comfortable way to travel so he took apart the suitcase and built a few shelves. And this is how the Selfpack travel suitcase prototype was made. He tested it out on trips and his family and friends encouraged him to invent and build them.


So How Much is The ShelfPack Travel Suitcase?


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Shelfpack travel suitcase


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