Self Tying Water Balloons



The Self Tying Water Balloons


There are other self tying water balloons out there, but none of them are as fast as Bunch O Balloons. The competition claims to fill eight or ten balloons per minute, but that doesn’t even come close to the 100 balloons per minute you will get from Bunch O Balloons.

There are few things you must do before trying to fill up the self tying water balloons. That’s to have something under for them to land on, which is preferably a big bucket filled with water so that when they land the impact is the least possible. Also you would need a somewhat stronger water current coming out from the hose. Not necessarily strong but normal current, because weak current will not do the job and the whole opportunity will be wasted.

Its also recommended to fill these self tying water balloons up just before using them, because some may have a weak leakage. Which means if you fill them up before hand when you want to use them some may have “expired” or to say have no water in them. Mind you its still a perfectly healthy and cool balloon! But common… you can fill a hundred of them in a single minute! So why fill the self tying water balloons before hand?

With Self Tying Water Balloons Your Opposition Cant Stand A Chance


When the time comes and the battle begins, just like in snow fights the biggest factor is ammo. And having the most ammo is close to a guarantee of winning, because once the opposition is out of ammo they will need to go and refill. But you would just keep attacking and therefor win! But wouldn’t it be fun if both sides had hundreds of ammo? Well, there is a video at the bottom of the page, you calculate the fun yourself!

Do not come to water fight unprepared! You now know you can have 100 self tying water balloons ready in just 1 minute. So why would you ever have a water fight and no come with couple of packets of “Bunch O Balloons”? You don’t want to lose do you? You want to show off, you want other people come and ask you where did you get that?! how much are those?! Be that guy!


Is it Hard to Ready The Self Tying Water Balloons?


Not at all! One Packet of “Bunch O Balloons” contains a hundred balloons which are separated into 3 adapters. All you have to do is connect the adapter that holds 3-4 self tying water balloons into a water hose. Run the water and watch them get filled up within seconds! Always remember to have bucket of water under, because when they finished filling up they will fall and they will crash/explode if it hits hard surface.


No More Struggle Tying up Water Balloons Manually!

Before these self tying water balloons existed everyone had to do it manually. Unless of course your daddy is rich and you had servants

to do that for you! So you know the frustration you get when you had to stretch that balloon over a tap or a hose.. And when you finally do it and and fill it up with water, it all goes to waste because you took it off the hose in a wrong manner… Not to mention the frustration and the struggle to tying the water balloons. Making them knots with the little space available was like the most annoying childhood thing! Not to mention tying one after another is can also give you sore fingers, all this frustration is over! the self tying water balloons is the new generation if childhood fun!


Heres what the self tying water balloons packet looks like


self tying water balloons

The self tying water balloons review


As you should know there will always be some cons. Which i have mentioned above but for the price your paying(just a little extra than normal balloons) its all worth it. Its time saving by a 100x which makes the fun not to fade away. Just imagine a snow fight with unlimited snowballs, you dint even have to make any of them but just pick the off the floor! so the cons and pros are hugely outmatched! its well worth it, and here take a look at the video for a deeper self tying water balloons review.



So How much is the Self Tying Water Balloons?? 

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