Lumenplay Bluetooth LED Christmas Lights

Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights


Introducing Lumenplay Bluetooth LED Christmas Lights


Looking for some cool Christmas tree lights? Well look no more after reviewing these lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights. Your party’s and your Christmas tree will never look the same with these Lumenplay Lights. Now its much easier to have your custom light show than ever!

It is modern and casual to have Christmas lights to synchronize to the music you play. The problem is however, is that usually they have a limited choice of what songs they can synchronize with. Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights allows to choose whatever music you want for a custom light show. This most likely means you will be using these lights much more than intended as just Christmas lights.

The lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights comes with a controller system and 24 C9 bulbs. Additional  sets of 24 bulbs can be connected by needs to purchased separately. Up to 8 bluetooth Christmas lights sets can be connected under one controller. Expansion capabilities mean that you can cover not only the Christmas tree but also the whole room at a reduced cost.


Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights


Control Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights With An App


Selecting music and synchronizing now have never been easier. Lumenplay lights are Bluetooth, which means you can control your lights from anywhere within range. You can also choose and select what colors and effects you want so your imagination is the limit. With more than 16 million colors available your decorating world just got a lot more cool and exciting.

Remember when the only way to change the settings on the chirstmas lights was on where they was plugged in? With Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights you can have the lights outdoor and still customize the display on your smart phone or a tablet. Now its more easier than ever to have an amazing and customizable display in your far to reach places like your roof.

The Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights App allows a user to save displays, colours and patterns. For example if you’re at your friends house and used his Lumenplay app to create the perfect style you could come up with. You can then later transfer from his app to your own app, assuming you have the Lumenplay Lights app too.  Which is absolutely ridiculously next level of awesome, if this dont amaze you i dont know what will…


Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights


Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights Warranty And Support


Lumenplay company takes pride in having to offer great products and good customer service. These Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights are made to last unlike the cheap string lights which are most common. Offering a three year warranty, clearly Lumenplay is confident that these lights will be worth they price they are.

When you’re having to plan a party, you know that atmosphere is very important. Versatile and exciting lighting colors and patterns can definitely help you achieve to amaze your guests. Your children can use the bluetooth lights for their next dance or birthday party, or you can also add them to your patio for a fun summer BBQ. Schools and youth communities will find many uses for these lights especially at christmas. They also can make a great display to convenience stores, theaters or anywhere you can think off, such as a car!



Please note that there is a Starter Set which has a controller and then there are extender string for additional lights. extender set is useless without the controller which is in the Starter set. So first purchase the Starter set and then buy as many as you want extender strings for additional lights. The maximum you can connect is 8 sets, each extender set is 24 lights.


So How Much Is The Lumenplay Bluetooth LED Christmas Lights?


Starter Set = $120.33

Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights

Extender Set = $50.98Lumenplay bluetooth LED Christmas lights


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