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Introducing the LED Headlamp Beanie Cap


Led Headlamp Beanie cap is truly a neat concept. Its a form of hands free lighting which is very very handy in some situations. Situations where its dark and instead of you using one hand to hold the torch, both hands are free thanks to the led beanie hat. This led light beanie hat is one of those items where the term “one size fits all” is truly accurate. Unless your head is much much smaller or bigger than usual, which is pretty rear. Our body sizes may differ from big to small but the head usually stays within the same range. For its size the led cap lights are pretty powerful. Although its not as powerful as a big torch but its just as powerful as torches with LED’s.


This beanie with built in led light does not necessarily have to be used as a torch. It can also be used as a normal beanie hat, for cold weather or even for fashion. Its just that it has more capabilities than a regular beanie cap. So if you was wearing one throughout the day and now comes the evening, you feel awesome because you have something that will light your way up while using no hands at all. Which is great, its the same as carrying a torch all the time, but not just any torch, but a hands free torch and if you carry it in your beanie.


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Why The LED Headlamp Beanie Cap Is A Must Have Gadget


Well for one the beanie hat with LED lights is a life saver in some cases. Imagine you are on a trip and you forgot or your torch has broken down when its needed. You have a hat that can provide you a light which is unthinkable. Personally if im going away from civilization i will make sure i have at-least 3 sources of light in case of an accident. Such a car broke down, security reasons(to know who is coming towards you). Well really i dont have to get into the reasons why you would need a light when its dark, its pretty obvious. We have all been there…. Have you ever been in a situation where you or somebody around you has said “i wish we would have some light right now”. Well with this hat you can prevent that!


Even if this is the best LED beanie hat, it will newer replace a proper flashlight or a good headlamp. Because at the end of the day this is just a hat, and the LED lights is a bonus for it. I wouldnt recommend to use this as a primary light source if there are others available as the light is nothing compared from a proper flashlight. Also, by some this is classed as led winter beanie because it is a beanie and its certainly warm to wear. Im promoting this LED Headlamp Beanie Cap because not only is it cool its also the best from its kind, well at-least the the most and the best reviews!


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More of LED Headlamp Beanie Cap


As good as it seems that a beanie cap with led lights would exist in the markets today. There are some negatives, such as if you are jogging there will be sweat! As this led winter cap is made out of 97% polyester and only 3% spandex it is pretty warm. Especially if you are doing some type of activity. Dont get me wrong thought the polyester will suck all the sweat in. But it is just that this hat is maybe too warm to just hike in. Well if you dont sweat in any beanies then you will surely not sweat in this one!


Washing the led headlight beanie can be a headache but overall its worth it. The battery(Which come with purchase) are simple to remove but you cannot remove the beanie led light itself. Which means if you want it washed you will have to give it a hand wash. Which i dont think is bad considering the little ammount of washing is needed for a beanie. That would be the biggest issue, but if you dont hike in it then you wount sweat into it.


LED Headlamp Beanie Cap has 12 COLORS AVAILABLE:
Black, Grey, Navy, Olive, Blaze Orange, Hi-Visibility Yellow, Max 5 Camo, Mossy Oak Country Camo, Plaid Grey/White, Plaid Black/Red, Radiant Orchid, RealTree Xtra Camo,

Although i cant find a video that is about this particular item, but heres a video on a cheap and low quality LED beanie,

So How much is LED Headlamp Beanie Cap


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