Hand Made Wooden Mug

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Introducing the Hand Made Wooden Mug


So the hand made wooden mug is actually really hand made. Which is pretty awesome because generally speaking hand made things are better than machine made. This wooden drinking mug is eco-friendly which means it did not hurt he planet earth to be produced. At the same time if its thrown away into the grass or water it will decay over time. So the hand made wooden mug a good gift for those are very serious about the planet earth and the environment. As they generally do not buy anything that is not eco-friendly. There is actually plenty of wooden mugs online but most of them are not hand made and of poor quality.

The reason im adding this to my website is because its actually amazons choice for wooden beer stein. Furthermore its a good opportunity to add to my unique mug collection. There are companies that do custom wooden mugs but i dont know any so i wount recommend any. This hand made wooden mug is pretty historical, although they did not make exactly like these. Because of course our technology and information is far more superior But back in the day they would have similar wooden mugs. At least visually that is, it definitely looks like a renaissance wooden mug style.


Because there arent that many of this particular item out there heres a video as an example on how wooden mugs are made by hand


So How much is Hand Made Wooden Mug

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