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Introducing The Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug


Coffee makes me poop mug is truly something else, meaning pretty unique. Apart from the fact that it looks like poop itself it has a the word poop in it also. It officially came out from another coffee makes me poop mug that is simply a normal shaped mug with that text on it. Nothing special really, just the words. However this also has a shape of a poop so i couldnt hold back and list it on this site! You can pretty much get this cup all over the place like Spencers, ebay, etsy and urban outfitters that are uk online store. What i also love about this coffee makes me poop coffee mug is that it says the truth. I think there is a big message behind this simple text, i think its actually scientifically proven.

But dont hold back, you dont HAVE TO drink coffee with this mug. You can actually use this cup as delivery message to those that do drink coffee. Dont get me wrong lol, i got nothing against coffee, apart from the fact that its acidic and not healthy. This coffee makes me poop travel mug would make a perfect travel mug indeed. Simply due to its unique and very un-ordinary shape and text thats resembles it. Definitely a conversation starter, something you could laugh about for hours with your guests. Not to mention a great gift for coffee lovers AND those who hate coffee drinkers. But be careful, you dont want to go and insult someone by telling the truth now, do we?


Looks like i couldnt find a video on coffee mug that says coffee makes me poop, but heres the simple shaped mug with the same text.




So How Must Is The Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug


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