Body Back Buddy – Self Massage Tool

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Introducing the Body Back Buddy – Self Massage Tool 


Body Back Buddy is a self massage tool. You massage yourself anywhere you are, at the comfort of you choice. Even if you are a car and you get a sudden lower back pain, or if you are at work in an office and get a sudden neck pain. This self massage stick will help you ease the pain. Not only is this “self massager” for pain problems, you could have an itch you cant reach. Have you ever had that? Where you are basically forced to rub your back against the wall, or a tree like bears do? Im pretty sure everybody has have that experience before. And its not a nice thing to experience at all, not to mention that you can literally massage any part of your body. From Self foot massage(by standing on the balls) to self head massage, odd but that’s right!


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How Effective Is The Self Massaging stick


The Body Back Buddy not only is a self massage stick but it also has self massage balls on in. Yes people as weird as it may seem, its actually a thing. And not a bad one too, self massage balls are pretty common and are used by professional massager’s. The biggest point in this invention is that you can relieve yourself, at any time at any place. Well that is of course if you had it with you at that certain time or place. All the force that is need is perfectly executed by our hands.


Believe it or not, its actually more effective when you use it yourself than somebody using it on you. After all it is called a self massaging stick! In some cases, massaging yourself with body back buddy is even better than somebody using their hands on you. Only in cases where the massager does not know how to massage lol… Other than that logically its much better when you are 100% relaxed and being massaged. Because with this tool you are using your own muscle which means you are not fully relaxed.


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The Body Back Buddy Is Also Muscle Reliever


Due to its hook shape and the “self massage balls” that are on it, this tool becomes perfect muscle reliever. And yes there is a big difference in relieving muscles to massaging them. Indeed muscles get relived by massaging, but you can have a massage where your muscles are not relived. Sometimes when muscles are tensed quite too often, tension in the muscle starts becoming more or less passive. Which then results in fluid gathering in the so to say “damaged” muscles. This can cause bone structure to shift which will cause even more problems later such as pain and bad posture. So due to these balls on the stick, you can self massage trigger points that basically when massaged properly works wonders. Alt ought the price may not seem very cheap for a peace of plastic, but its 100% worth it!


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How is Body Back Buddy So Special


Due to being a great idea, its inevitable that other people will copy the idea and make their own version. But that is not a bad thing after all, not only does the competition increase but so does exposure, and frankly if there was no competitors i wouldnt probably find it out and promote it on this website here. Its not necessarily better than other models or version but its just that its been tested but also recommended the most. The brand Body Back Buddy the self massage therapy stick is actually recommended! by medical professionals, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists. Which is way its special, because other versions did not get this opportunity to be recommended because they are somewhat the same. Now in the market there are plenty of these, but generally they look and perform the same.


So How Much Is The Body Back Buddy aka Self Body Massage At Home Cost?

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