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Portable Door Lock Addalock

This portable door lock is a novelty peace and its just amazing, its portable and locks nearly every door, that is all inward doors. Addalock can be carried almost anywhere as its pretty small and barely weights a thing. Since its components are made out of metal, i doubt you will be let through to places that contains metal detectors. Other than that you can carry it anywhere, in a purse, pocket, backpack, sidebag/manbag and so on… Of course the question would be why would people carry this thing around? Well this new door lock is suitable for those that do a lot of traveling and renting place to sleep over. Addalock is perfect as an additional lock for apartment door. Furthermore it can also be used as a great hotel door locks.


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Portable Door lock – Addalock Review

Addalock review consists of few things, how effective it is and how apply-able it is. One thing for use, if it fits, meaning if it is able to be fitted into the door then it will more than likely be effective. This temporary door lock is only for inward doors, this had to be mentioned again. There are plenty of different door lock types, and not that many that has this strategy. Which is way i would call it a novelty peace, its easy to use, very unusual, cheap and carries a big benefit.

Addalock door lock installation is as simple and as easy that it would take you 5 seconds to install. In addition it barely requires any room to carry around which is why its a great portable door lock. Not to mention it requires no maintenance as its it does not use any external source of power, its purely practical. Also a most common question on the INTERNET about this is where to buy addalock, and you are in the right place my friend. There is a link below, or to say amazon button that will direct you to the amazon page.


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How To Use The Portable Door Lock – Addalock

As mentioned before, it would take anyone like 5 seconds to install. But to answer the question is, please bear with me as i give you the simplest explanation in your life:
1. Open the door.
2. insert it into the hole in the strike plate(hole in the frame for the door)placing it towards you.
3. Close the door.
4. Use the red plastic and use the bolt on it to insert it into the hole on the metal peace you inserted into the hole in the strike plate. And now you know how lock the door.

Now to undo the lock, simply remove the red plastic lock, open the door and remove the metal peace from the hole in the frame. And this my friends, is how you lock a door without a lock, sounds unthinkable don’t it? Furthermore another good opportunity to own this portable door lock is when you brake up with your spouse. As you would want to get away to protect yourself, this serves as a good bedroom door lock. That is if you don’t already own a door lock latch.





So How Much Is The Portable Door Lock – Addalock


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