Airzooka – Air Cannon Toy


Airzooka Air Cannon Toy

Introducing Airzooka The Air Cannon Toy


As you could expect, airzooka air cannon toy would be for kids but can work with those “big kids” also. Big kids as in adults who are still kids. The airzooka air blaster toy fits all, mostly kids but even old people can have fun with it. Because its simply very easy to use and very easy to annoy others with. If you know anyone that likes to annoy other people, this is the perfect cool little gift for them. It is 100% harmless which is the best part, has an impact but totally harmless toy.

The most frequently asked questions about the airzooka toy is “how to make an airzooka” and “where can i buy an airzooka”. It is very easy to make and i will suggest a video below so you could see it. Also its pretty much at every big shop like homedepot, toy r us, and of-course on amazon(link at the bottom of the page). The air shooter requires no batteries or electricity at all! Simply pull and release a built-in elastic air launcher, so in essence what it uses is air, something you will newer run out of!



Airzooka Air Cannon Toy

More About The Airzooka Air Cannon Toy


Airzooka cannon or should i say the air vortex cannon toy is originally built to be one handed gun toyy. The other hand is used to pull so its still classed as one handed gun. The ball of air that is shot out of the toy travels up to 20 feet! Which isnt far but im pretty sure there are plenty small airzooka, even a mini airzooka! Not to mention there are selfbuilt large airzooka that i will show in the video below. It is without a doubt that this air pressure gun works best indoors. Because outdoors there is wind and even if there isnt the air is always circulating which means there is resistance. So if dont want your expectations to ruin, buy airzooka for mainly indoor use!

Just as the picture above there, the air cannon toy is available in 3 colors. Black with grey, purple with green, and green with purple. Although there are few other companies that create these awesome toy guns “can you imagine airzooka” is the best according to amazon reviews. Additional feature you can use on pretty much any air blaster is smoke, thats right. Smoke can be inserted into the one handed vortex gun toy and your rings of air become visible!





So How Much Is The Airzooka Air Cannon Toy?


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Airzooka Air Cannon Toy



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